CVB1 Lesson 2

Creative Violin Book 1

In lesson 2 you will learn to play quarter notes.
As we play a little faster than half notes, you would need a smaller piece of the bow, best in the middle.

Again, click on the tabs “3-6” below for the lessons and on the tab “Let’s improvise” to start the first improvisation exercise.
You can download the according page from the book below the video. (page 9)

Lesson 2: Quater notes

Separate quarter notes.

In this lesson we will already push the tempo up a notch, playing separate quarter notes.
Learn to play them legato: smooth bowing, but also portato: a bit lighter, with little "gaps" in between.


Separate quarter notes on the D string

CVB1 3

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Separate quarter notes on the A string

CVB1 4

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Separate quarter notes on the E string

CVB1 5

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Separate quarter notes on the G string

CVB1 6

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Let's improvise

Let's improvise with the notes we learned so far.
We can use half notes, then quarter notes, and of course we will mix them up a bit too.

I will play along with you in turns, follow me, it will be easy.

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