CVB1 Lesson 8

Creative Violin Book 1

Lesson 8 introduces something entirely different.
As we already started with improvisation, it is time to deal with “swing” now.
Here we will deal with the scoring as it is used in jazz music.
A nice spiritual to follow up on this.

Lesson 8 Swing

Page 16 in the method book shows the notation of straight eighths played as triads.
This is done to make the reading easier, but you do need to get familiar with it.
This is just an introduction, it will all come back later in the method as well as in the improvisation course.
Download page 16 below and have a look..

Am I playing too fast? Hover over the video and click on "-" to slow it down. (Down in the center).


Play the straight eighths in a "swing" groove as mentioned.
Below you will find how it would normally be written, you might agree that the straight eighths look much "cleaner".

CVB1 30

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The Spiritual "Go Tell It On The Mountain" is sung and played in this swing groove.

CVB1 31

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Let's improvise

Today we will improvise with swing!
To start let’s limit our notes to 0, 1, 2, 3. (So no string changes yet on this one).

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