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CVB1 Lesson 10: 10 videos

We have come to the 4th finger.
This is the finger that will need the most exercise because it is the weakest of the 4 generally.
Train the 4th finger and try to use as little as possible tension when you stretch it to it’s position.
It may seem that you would never reach it’s position in the beginning, that is perfectly normal.
After a bit of training you will notice the difference, just like if you would start with running, you should not be frustrated if you can’t run the marathon the first day.
Mind you that positioning 4th finger effortlessly will take a lot less time than achieving the full marathon 😉

Downloads of pages and backing-tracks are the buttons below the video.

Lesson 10 4th Finger and Portato

The 4th finger is known as the weakest of the four. In this video I will show you how to train this finger so it will feel like fingers 1, 2 and 3. Most important is to use no tension, again, this is explained how to do it in the video. Let’s add the 4th!!


  • Am I playing too fast?
    Hover over the video, click on “1x” and choose your speed.
  • Do you want to repeat part of the video?
    Hover over the video, click on “AB” then set the beginning point with “i” and the end point with “o”.

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Let’s build up to the 4th finger. You can always compare it to the next string, it’s the same note. Remember, no tension! CVB1 36a

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Let’s build up to the 4th finger. You can always compare it to the next string, it’s the same note. Remember, no tension! CVB1 36b

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A simple exercise with the 4th finger. CVB1 37

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Now on the D string. CVB1 38

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Portato, play the “Portato” notes seperate, the tie asks you to do that on the same bow direction. You can see me do it in this video. CVB1 39

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A piece from Bach’s Matheus Passion, using the portato and of course the 4th finger. CVB1 40

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Ode To Joy is one of the most famous compositions of Beethoven from the 9th symphony. CVB1 41

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Let’s add a little tempo in a nice piece from Bela Bartok. CVB1 42

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Let’s improvise

Did we improvise on the G-string yet? Let’s go for it, using the 4th finger again instead of the next open string. We will use the same pattern as ex. 46.

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  1. Fotios Gioulekas

    During the live class Xander answered to all the questions and provided excellent feedback on how to proper bow the portato notes that are separated with commas in Bach’s Matheus Passion piece. Breathe control is very important to improve intonation and follow the tempo. He said that this makes the violin sing :).

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