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CVB1 Lesson 4: 6 videos

Changing strings in one song.
It is necessary that you learn the note positions on the violin for all strings.
This way you will keep up with reading the scores as they become more and more complex.
So, if needed, skip back to page 8 to refresh your reading skills.
Nr. 12-14 handle a few string changing exercises, after that you can play (a simplified version of) “Amazing Grace”, (nr. 15).

Downloads of pages and backing-tracks are the buttons below the video.

Lesson 4 String changes

In this lesson we will cover string changes and the time signature: 3/4. With that we will combine all techniques we learned so far with fingers 1 and 2.


  • Am I playing too fast?
    Hover over the video, click on “1x” and choose your speed.
  • Do you want to repeat part of the video?
    Hover over the video, click on “AB” then set the beginning point with “i” and the end point with “o”.


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Let’s practice the string changing from the A string to the E string. Play long bows so you can control the changing better. This is a good moment to check if your bowings are still straight. CVB1 12

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Same, but now we’ll add some tied notes to it. CVB1 13

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Now let’s try this on the D string and A string. Again, check your bowings. CVB1 14

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We are ready for a nice song, making use of the exercises we did so far. This is in a different time signature, 3/4. This means: the quarter note is the “count” and there are 3 of them in a measure. You will notice that the first measure has only one note, we call that an upbeat. (In the precount it will be on the 3rd). This is usually “compensated” by taking one count out of the last measure, you can see it contains a half rest, (2 beats). You could say that the third beat has moved to the beginning of the song, the upbeat. CVB1 15

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Let’s improvise

Let’s improvise on the 3/4 measure. We will also practice string changes. Follow me!

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