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CVB2 Lesson 18 11 Videos

Lesson 18, The 6/8 Time signature
Continuing the 3rd grip, we will also take a look at Time Signatures.
Until now we have played with a 3/4 and 4/4 time signature.
We will add the 6/8 in this lesson.
We will also now include the 4th finger in the 3rd grip.

Downloads of pages and backing-tracks are the buttons below the video.

Lesson 18 Time signatures

Time signatures explained and moving along to the 6/8 time signature.
What is the best way to look at a time signature, what is the difference between 6/8 and 3/4?
Find all the answers to that in this video.


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    Hover over the video, click on “1x” and choose your speed.
  • Do you want to repeat part of the video?
    Hover over the video, click on “AB” then set the beginning point with “i” and the end point with “o”.

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The first (broken) scale in the 6/8 time signature, in Bb.

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The same, but now in Eb.

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The last one, in Ab.

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Our first song in 6/8 time signature.
Remember to place the 3rd finger away from the 2nd.
You can always compare it with the open string below.
So if you play a 3rd on the E-string, that is the note A, you can compare it with the open A-string (1 octave lower) so you can be sure you placed the finger on the correct spot.

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Irish Jigs are dances in a typical 6/8 time signature.
It gives a feeling of lightness, playfulness.
Play it light and maybe with small accents on every pulse, (1st and 4th count in the bar, or, every first of a group of 3).
This is at a study tempo, always begin a bit slow, then gradually, when you are in control, speed it up.

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When you are comfortable with 87a you could try a little faster tempo. (The eighth notes are at 145BPM)

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For the daredevils, if you want to challenge yourself even more, try it again a bit faster. (The eighth notes are at 165BPM)

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This is an exercise to help you play the dotted note in the 6/8 time signature.
If you master this you can start with 89

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Another Irish-inspired song in 6/8ths.
Play the song with dotted eighth notes you learnt in exercise 88.

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