Xander Nichting

Hi!  I am Xander

Nice to "vitually" meet you...

Xander Nichting playing The Circle

...I want nothing more than

you getting joy from playing violin,
just like me!

My name is Xander Nichting, violinist (Classical / Modern), composer, arranger and teacher.

I am author of the new violin method Creative Violin, from which I am teaching for about 4 years at this time.

I am absolutely thrilled to see teachers all over the world starting to teach from this method because of its versatility.
With this method and my online community I inspire students of all ages, 6-80+, to follow their dream and getting  much joy from playing violin.

Get creative, change your life is my motto. Playing violin does just that!

What made me start with 

Creative Violin?

I started working from other methods and tried quite a few.

But, as an improviser, I have always missed other ways of playing violin in the methods.

I wanted to aim for a more creative approach for my students but couldn't find that in any method.

So, I needed to create one myself, that's where Creative Violin was born.

I managed to combine the classical method with many styles of music and even improvisation exercises, which my students like the most.

Teaching this way has opened up many possibilities for me to get the most out of my students.
Motivation issues are a thing of the past.

Yes you!

If you are reading this then I'm sure we share the passion of music.

But nothing compares to actually being playing music yourself.
The violin is the best choice to make in my opinion and I will tell you why:
There is virtually no music style where the violin doesn't fit in, the violin has earned its place everywhere.

You can try for yourself, you'll be playing your first tune today! Really!