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The challenge:
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Learn the PERFECT violin posture.
Correct violin posture is crucial for achieving a higher level and prevents injuries.

In this video you will learn how to hold the bow the correct way.
I will also explain the placement of the bow on the violin.
The sound of the violin is determined here.

You learn the correct posture of the left hand.
You will also learn how best to place your fingers on the violin.
You learn to play the first notes.

You will receive one video per day for the next 3 days.
Use this day to study and master the lesson from that video.
After 3 days your posture will be perfect.
If not, I’ll give you feedback on what you might still need to work on.

Why this challenge?
It is my commitment to get you through the difficult beginnings of violin playing and make sure you start correctly without worrying about “bad habits” creeping in.
That is it!

Do I want you to sign up for the Creative Violin Beginners Course?
Absolutely, in fact, I highly recommend it.
But don’t feel obliged to sign up in any way.
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Why follow our courses? 


More than 250 well organised, chronologically arranged, interactive videos

Never search for your own lessons again, Creative Violin is a violin method, well organised, each lesson building on the previous.
You will start from the beginning and work up to an advanced level.
It has been proven that online lessons can only work well, if they are accompanied by with personal guidance.
Personal professional feedback is crucial to get a good result from the studies.
With Creative Violin this is included in the package.


More than 30 years of teaching experience

More than 30 years of teaching experience, knowledge of different methods that together form the basis of the new, proven, Creative Violin method.


In the 3 years that the method is released, we count over 500 very satisfied, enthusiastic students

Students of all ages, from 6 years to 60+, 100% positive students so far.
That’s what we want to do it for, go for the best.


World class teachers

In addition to Xander’s 30 years of experience, we are also starting to work with other teachers who, each with their own specialties, will post lessons and host master classes.
This will also be an important extension for the advanced students.

I’ve been playing violin for about a year and half while being all self taught.
I heard about Creative Violin through a Facebook group I frequent and decided to give it a try.
The lessons are well put together and in an easy to understand, logical order.
Xander is a friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough instructor.

Highly recommended!

Sean H.

Join our 3-days challenge and win 3 FREE months membership at Creative Violin!
From every 10 contestants we choose 1 winner.
Hurry, the contest STOPS when we reach 10 winners!

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Your teacher at hand 24/7

Online lesson options

The Creative Violin Course can be accessed in its entirety on PC, tablet and smartphones.
All lessons and exercises are shown with dual videos: front view and close-up of the left hand.
Play along with your teacher and determine the tempo of the video yourself!
If you up to it, download the “Backing-Tracks”, now you’re the soloist!
Super suitable for playing mini concerts.
Then post a lesson video of your violin practicing in the Creative Violin Facebook group and get your personal, professional feedback there.
This guarantees a correct progress.


Boost your violin study.

Stop wasting time and energy on random YouTube lessons.
With the proven Creative Violin Method you always know exactly what to work on for maximum results.


Play different music genres.

Nothing beats playing to real accompaniment!
All lessons and songs are available as interactive videos and you will be amazed how quickly you can play along with the accompaniments.


Personal guidance and support.

We are there for you, every step of the way.
Post your own lesson videos in the Creative Violin Facebook Group,
You will then receive personal, professional feedback.
You’ll never do this alone anymore!

“Being 63, I have never played an instrument and was uncertain if I could learn the violin.
Xander’s online classes have dispelled my doubts.
His instruction is clear and understandable.
Thank you for not only teaching me the violin but also making the experience enjoyable with your cheerful and encouraging demeanor.”

Theresa A.

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Creative Violin GUARANTEES your progress!

With a 90 day money back guarantee!


Learn to play the violin better and quicker with step-by-step lessons.


Get personal, professional feedback.


Study with the most structured violin course online.

You are important to us!
We only want you to pay when you are VERY satisfied with your Creative Violin experience.
Register below and try it out without any risk.
If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your membership any time, within 90 days for a full refund, no questions asked*

*If your membership includes bonuses, the value of the bonusses sent to you will be deducted from your refund.

90 DAY Money Back Guarantee

Join our 3-days challenge and win 3 FREE months membership at Creative Violin!
From every 10 contestants we choose 1 winner.
Hurry, the contest STOPS when we reach 10 winners!

YES! Count me in!

About us

The Story Behind Creative Violin

After years of teaching different methods I have always missed some important items: different music styles, improvisation, …
In addition to Classical music, the violin also plays an important role in Jazz, World Music, Country / Bluegrass, Irish, Balkan, Gypsy.
For the first time these music styles are featured in the Creative Violin Method, which makes it so much fun for beginners.
You will even learn how to improvise on the violin, right from lesson 1 !!
This variety boosts motivation and stimulates creative thinking.

This course is focused, highly motivating and has increased my skill level considerably in a very short time.
The interactions with the teacher in the improvisation exercises gives one a real sense of ownership of the instrument (not to mention the thrill of playing along with another musician right from lesson one!)
The ability to ask questions during live webinars is also invaluable.
This is by far the most engaging online course and is just as immersive as learning with a teacher in person.
Xander’s enthusiasm is absolutely infectious.
Thank you for this fantastic resource.

Ruthy S.

Join the challenge, win 3 free months at Creative Violin, if you don’t want to continue after that, simply unsubscribe, no commitments, no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to start with violin lessons?

You are never too old !!

The oldest student (as far as I know) is 70 and just started a few years ago.
Of course you should not expect to become a world class soloist, but that is not the point.

Having fun in what you do makes the level you are at completely unimportant.
Progress may be a little slower compared to children, but the fun you get out of it is what it’s all about, priceless!

And yes, feel free to challenge yourself, it is possible endlessly!

Why Creative Violin, and not some other method?

Motivation problems are everywhere.
If a method does not offer variety, it can quickly become boring and the student drops out.

At Creative Violin you will immediately come across different music styles, such as Classical (of course), but also Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Balkan, World music, Irish, Gypsy …
And, last but not least: you will learn to improvise on the violin, from the very first lesson !!

In addition, there are accompaniments for ALL songs and exercises, even the scales have accompaniments.
These are the Backing Tracks (BTs), not only piano accompaniments, but also orchestras, bands, gypsy orchestras, string quartets …

Variety, lots of variety. Great fun to do.

How does personal guidance work? (Personal feedback)

This can be done in 2 ways:
There is a Creative Violin Facebook group with over 3400 members.
This is intended for the students who can post their progress videos there.
This is where we will give you the feedback you need.
In the beginning I mainly pay attention to the posture (crucial for correct progress!), you will be sure that you are on the right track.

The other way (if you want more privacy) is to send an email with your video to video@creativeviolin.com.
If the video is too large, it can also be sent to this address with WeTransfer (wetransfer.com). This service is free.
I will send you an email with your personal feedback.

If you really get stuck, I can invite you to come online 1 on 1.

In any case, you will never be studying alone from now on.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, you can determine for up to 90 days (!!) whether it is something for you or not.
I want to give you the time to gain a lot of experience before you decide.
If this course is not for you, we will simply refund the amount (*), without asking questions.

* There is only 1 restriction that you may not have downloaded more than 30% of the downloads, in which case the right to a refund expires.

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