5 Steps To Improvisation On Violin 🎻

Learn to improvise on your violin with ease in 5 steps!

Do you want to know how improvisation (for example in Gypsy Jazz) works?

✅ How to learn to play by ear
✅ How to learn to respond to what your fellow musicians are doing
✅ You will learn the typical “jazz region”, the jazz rhythm
✅ You will learn about chord progressions and what you can do with them
✅ How to play melodic phrasings, glissandi etc…

Give it a try, it’s completely free!

“Amazing how quickly you improvise!”

“It couldn’t be better”

“The Creative Violin Improvisation Course is the perfect starting point for violinists who want to delve into improvisational playing and the broader field of jazz.
Step by step, carefully and clearly, he guides you through the basic principles of blues playing, swing, manouche and more.

These 5 steps were the basis for me to fully embrace improvisation, it couldn’t be better!”

Steven D.

“He is thorough”

“Xander covers many new approaches to violin playing that I haven’t encountered anywhere else.
Super clear explanation too!

He is thorough!”

Jamie T.

“Suddenly I started to improvise”

“Suddenly I started improvising!
The videos make me feel like I have a teacher next to me all the time when I practice, which is very easy!”

Shirleen C.

“Every violinist started with classical music, me too!”

I think every violinist started with classical music, which focused on reading sheet music.
That applied to me too.

When I was introduced to Stephane Grappelli’s jazz violin style through gypsy music, there was no sheet music, everything was done by ear.

This gave me A LOT of freedom, which  eventually led to creating a complete improvisation method for violin.

I graduated in jazz/classical violin from the Rotterdam Conservatory and now have more than 30 years of teaching experience.

I have listed the most important 5 ingredients for you with which you can immediately start improvisation.

Try it too, it’s too much fun not to do and only takes half an hour. (And it’s completely free)

Frequently asked questions about the 5 steps to improvisation

Absolute! Guaranteed!
It is very accessible, especially for classical violinists who want to start improvising.
So if you are completely new to improvisation, this is for you!

Your level is not important, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, it does not matter for these 5 steps.
A general knowledge of the 1st position is sufficient.
If you are advanced, you can participate at your own level, so success is guaranteed at every level.