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The violin is one of the most un-ergonomic instruments of all.
Needles to say, if you are doing it wrong it can cause injuries in a later stadium.
This is the reason we host weekly live lessons online, to prevent you from creating "bad habits".

In my 30+ years of teaching experience I have seen many bad postures which are quite hard to fix afterwards.
So my advice, online lessons can be great, but do not do it alone, we are here for you to correct any bad habits, preferably even before they occur. (Yes, I see them coming)!

How to hold the bow the correct way is important, take your time for this one!
The better you master the correct bow hold, the better you will sound, so be sure to pay much attention to this chapter.

Rule of thumb:
ROUND fingers, especially the pinky and thumb.
Middle finger opposite of the thumb, index finger on the winding.
Do not place the pinky on the screw, you will stretch it that way.

Your sound is dependent on good bowing, so, as a beginner it is recommended that you focus on this.
We will start with Détaché, the most common of all bowing techniques.
(Bow strokes back and forth).
Try to keep a straight bowing to start with, meaning the bow should remain parallel to the bridge.

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