How To Learn To Read On A Violin
03 februari 2022 
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How To Learn To Read On A Violin

How do we learn to read on a violin?
(And how can we learn this easily?)

The are 2 ways to read music:
1- Theoretical
2- Practical

1- The theoretical approach would be learning the note-names: A; B; C; etc. (In some countries Do; Re; Me etc).
This is the universal way to read, no difference between instrumentalists, vocalists...

2- The practical approach: What might be more important to learn is, where are these notes on the instrument you play?
In our example, let me use the violin, (obviously). 🎻
The note "C" for instance, a violinist will know it is the 3rd finger om the G-string, or 2nd on the A-string, depending on which octave the note is written.

Which way of reading should I learn?

Both ways should be learnt, note-names will be a quick one, there are only 7 letters in the music-alphabet. 😁
The challenge will be how to recognise the written note and convert that to the corresponding finger on the correct string of the violin.

This might seem very confusing, but it is quite the opposite, depending on the method.
As you will see in the Creative Violin Method this will be learnt in practice, which I think is by far the best way to learn anything.
In the beginners course you will first learn the open strings, followed by fingers 1 and 2.
These are 3 notes on all different strings, which are written on 4 different places in the staff which can be recognised very easily.

This will build up gradually during the method.

Again this is best described in a video, have a look:

The video

If reading music is new to you, this will be a handy start, getting you familiar with the basics of reading and scoring.

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My name is Xander Nichting, violinist (Classical / Modern), composer, arranger and teacher. I am author of the new violin method Creative Violin, from which I am teaching for about 4 years at this time.I am absolutely thrilled to see teachers all over the world starting to teach from this method because of its versatility. With this method and my online community I inspire students of all ages, 6-80+, to follow their dream and getting much joy from playing violin.Get creative, change your life is my motto. Playing violin does just that!
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