How to Play First Notes - Beginner Violin Basics 3-3
30 maart 2022 
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How to Play First Notes - Beginner Violin Basics 3-3

How to Play First Notes - Beginner Violin Basics 3-3

This is the third of 3 beginners videos:
1- The Violin
2- The Bow
3- First Notes

These 3 videos are the foundation on which you can build the rest of your studies.

A good bowing: Détaché

Your sound is dependent on good bowing, so, as a beginner it is recommended that you focus on this.
We will start with Détaché, the most common of all bowing techniques. (Bow strokes back and forth).
Try to keep a straight bowing to start with, meaning the bow should remain parallel to the bridge.

The Right Arm

You can check how the right arm moves when you do a full bow stroke.
You will see 3 pivot points:
1- The shoulder
2- The elbow
3- The wrist
They all have influence on bowing straight, but it can be hard to see all these aspects while playing.
It is easier to keep an eye on the bow where it touches the string.
If you see that it remains parallel to the bridge then you are doing it right, meaning, the right arm moves correctly.

Hear and Feel

We don't want to depend on our eyes when we play violin (other than to read sheet music).
So that is why we should hear and feel our sound and movement and make small corrections based on those.
We need to focus on:
1- Straight bowing
2- Consistent bow-weight
3- Consistent sounding point (Distance from bridge)
4- Consistent angle (towards the string)
5- Smooth transitions
These can all be adjusted based on hearing and feeling
Let me show you in this video:

The Video

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My name is Xander Nichting, violinist (Classical / Modern), composer, arranger and teacher. I am author of the new violin method Creative Violin, from which I am teaching for about 4 years at this time. I am absolutely thrilled to see teachers all over the world starting to teach from this method because of its versatility. With this method and my online community I inspire students of all ages, 6-80+, to follow their dream and getting much joy from playing violin. Get creative, change your life is my motto. Playing violin does just that!
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