Xander gets his pupils to improve their playing rapidly, in a fun and motivating way.
My son loves it.

Deborah T

Thank you for not only teaching me the violin but also making the experience enjoyable with your cheerful and encouraging demeanor.

Theresa A

Not only are the lessons well developed, but he also puts on free seminars to help grasp the basic and more advanced concepts.

Highly recommended!

Sean H

Frequently asked questions

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes there is!You will always start with a 7-day trial in which you can explore all features of the lessons for free.

If you are already in your payment plan and still decide this is not for you, within an extra 7 days you can still apply for a refund.

Can I change my subscription later?

Yes, if you start with a monthly subscription, for example, you can convert this to an annual subscription if you want to still benefit from the discount.

You can also upgrade or downgrade your current subscription at any time.

What is the duration of the subscription?

As long as the subscription you choose. For example, a monthly subscription can be canceled per month, an annual subscription per year. Subscriptions are automatically extended without cancellation.

Will I still have access to the when I unsubscribe?

Yes, you will keep your access until the end of your billing period.

So if you unsubscribe today but the end of the billing period is after a few months, you will continue to have access until then.