Frequently Asked Questions

There will be 10 lessons in this course, with many instructional interactive videos in each lesson.
At this moment there are 54 videos online.
Every week a complete new lesson will be uploaded, lesson 10 is expected in August.
So yes, you can safely register and start right away!

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We made this course SPECIALLY for you!
Many violinists start with a classical education, always playing from scores.
It might seem intimidating at first to close the books and start with intuitive playing, but we will guide you through this process in a fun and easy way, all hands-on and from the VERY start!
We will train this with the interactive videos, I play 2 bars, you play 2, this way you will learn the “vocabulary” in a natural way.
Try this for free in a few videos in lesson 1: tabs 1, 2, 3 and 4 are free.

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You should only sign up to Creative Violin if you really want to learn it.
Learning from random YouTube videos will never get you to a level further than playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
– Browsing for your own lessons on YouTube will not give you all you need to know to get further, it will also take you much longer to find the right ones.
– Creative Violin offers a complete course to reach a moderate advanced level.
– Essential for good progress is personal feedback, YouTube teachers don’t provide that. Creative Violin does. That’s one of the reasons it cannot be free. We look over your shoulder so you won’t be doing this on your own.
We are here for you!

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Lesson 14 is the last lesson for Creative Violin book 1.
At this moment book 2 is in the making, lesson 15 will be expected in August.
We expect to add another 14 lessons in book 2.

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To start an improvisation course with Jazz would make the beginning more difficult.
You will find different styles so you can get used to many features much easier.
Apart from that, playing different styles will broaden your horizon and will prove to be a lot of fun to do.

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Gold Beginners Monthly Membership.

Get instant access to all video’s, audio material and downloads of the complete Creative Violin’s Beginners Course for €19,95 per month, billed monthly on a recurring plan.

€19,95 / month

Gold Beginners Annual Membership.
(Just €13,33 per month, save 33%).

Get instant access to all video’s, audio material and downloads of the complete Creative Violin’s Beginners Course for only €13,33 per month, billed annually on a recurring plan.

€160,- / Year

Improvisation Course GOLD

Single Payment: €395,- (Normal price €495)

Unlock all videos, downloads, backing-tracks in the Improvisation Course.

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