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Beginners Course Basic Videos

Basics Videos #4, The Challenge!!

Get ready!

I hope all videos went well, now it is time to make your presence in the Creative Violin Facebook Group.
This is a very friendly group with mostly beginners like yourself, all with the desire to make good progress in violin playing.

So, maybe you are hesitating to post your video, maybe you think it isn’t good enough, I get that!
But this group is dedicated for you.

The only goal I have with this group is to give beginning violinists the opportunity to show their progress to get professional en personal feedback, and thereby get assurance that they are (and stay!!) on the right track.
So, don”t hesitate, we’ve all been there.
You will be glad once you posted your video and got your (always positive) feedback, trust me!

I am looking forward to your video! (And I hope you win!!)


Just to make sure: Your link to the Creative Violin Facebook Group

Good luck!!

Open chat
Let me know if you need any help.