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A complete new way of learning the violin

Creative Violin Book 1

Are you starting with violin?
Play your first song on violin today!

Learn to play the violin with our simple new method.
Be an orchestra player, a soloist, play classic, country or jazz...

Creative Violin student

What's so new about the Creative Violin Method?

  • This complete beginners method has the same chronological build as many other methods, but...
  • Instead of only classic (like most methods) there are many music styles featured, which makes it so much more fun to study from.
    Say goodbye to motivation isues!
  • Study with your teacher, practice daily with the videos (of all songs and exercises).
    Our videos are found on our YouTube channel
  • Or if you have no teacher, study from the videos, all techniques are explained in detail in the first video of each lesson.
  • Play along with the backing-tracks (accompaniments) and host your own house concerts.
    Backing-tracks are available for every song and exercise in the book and are included in the E-book.
  • Newest feature: Improvise right from the very beginning!!
    Improvising stimulates the creative mind and is so much fun to do.
    If you are a teacher you can simply integrate these improvisation parts in your lessons, your students will love them!
    No improvisation skills required!

"After the first lesson I could already play a tune"

"This is by far the most engaging online course"

This course is focused, highly motivating and has increased my skill level considerably in a very short time.
The interactions with the teacher in the improvisation exercises gives one a real sense of ownership of the instrument (not to mention the thrill of playing along with another musician right from lesson one!)
The ability to ask questions during live webinars is also invaluable.
This is by far the most engaging online course and is just as immersive as learning with a teacher in person.
Xander's enthusiasm is absolutely infectious.
Thank you for this fantastic resource.

Ruthy S.
"In a word, he's thorough"

Mr. Nichting, Creative Violin, is covering a lot of necessary techniques that I haven't seen in other tutorials or books.
Other instructors seem to just hope we'll figure out these points by trial and error (for example, when to switch from upper arm to elbow motion when bowing).
In a word, he's thorough!

Steven D.
"I even started improvising in the first lessons"

"I got dizzy searching the internet and YouTube for violin lessons.
When I found Creative Violin I felt I was in heaven!
Creative Violin is a straight forward website where you will find everything about violin lessons.
All the video’s make it feel I have a teacher standing next to me all the time when I study.
I even started improvising in the first lessons!”

Minodora C.
Creative Violin Beginners-2022

For our teachers:

Creative Violin is a complete violin method, featuring many styles of music, studies, songs and even improvisation from the first lesson.

All lessons have interactive videos on our YouTube channel which make study a lot easier and more fun!

If you have any questions, please email me at xander@creativeviolin.com

Xander Nichting

Violinist Xander Nichting: 
"It is my goal to help you live your dream in playing violin"

Everyone can learn how to play violin.

Ever dreamed of being an orchestra player? A soloist? Play classical music, country or jazz?...

Can you do this?
I may be too old, or I have no musical talent enough to play violin...

Everybody keeps telling me "violin is the most difficult instrument on the planet"...

I have GOOD news for you!

Yes, violin can be quite challenging to learn, especially when you decide to do it alone.

A good method is required and someone looking over your shoulder is crucial too.

This is why we offer you personal guidance all the way!

Post your progress in our dedicated Facebook Group and get our professional feedback (free!)

We have seen students of all ages coming in and following the course with huge succes.

So don't let age or experience hold you back, go for the dream you have been procrastinating for so long.

Over 30 years of experience at your service.

In the 30 years of teaching experience I felt the need of creating a new method for you, as "the old methods" felt really outdated.

Don't hesitate any longer and start now!

Do you want to start immediately, you don't feel like overpaying for private lessons, do you want to see the exercises as often as as you want and play along with your favourite music?

Then this is the place to be! You will be surprised how fast your progress will be, practising with the videos 

- 4000+ students have already proven that the Creative Violin method works, for all ages. 

- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We care about you and aim to give you the best violin-experience possible. if this is not for you, let us know we will refund your purchase right away, no questions asked.

Creative Violin

E-Book 1

(Backing-tracks of all songs and exercises included)

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Learn how to play violin with the best violin course online

Creative Violin is a complete beginners course featuring many music styles (not only Classic) and even improvisation from lesson 1!
Dual-video interactive tutorials, all ordered chronologically to ensure fast and stressless progress.
The method is based on the best proven methods, but have features in it that fit into our new way of teaching.
Creative Violin All Devices

Practice all exercises with the videos and “play-alongs” on all devices.

The Creative Violin videos are found on our YouTube Channel
So no matter where you are or when you want to follow a lesson, Creative Violin will always be there with you.
Study along with the videos, play along with the backing tracks.
They are there for all songs and exercises.

Xander gets his pupils to improve their playing rapidly, in a fun and motivating way.
My son loves it.

Deborah T

Thank you for not only teaching me the violin but also making the experience enjoyable with your cheerful and encouraging demeanor.

Theresa A

Not only are the lessons well developed, but he also puts on free seminars to help grasp the basic and more advanced concepts.

Highly recommended!

Sean H

FAQ Beginners Course

Am I too old to start with violin lessons?

You are never too old !!

The oldest student (as far as I know) is 70 and just started a few years ago.
Of course you should not expect to become a world class soloist, but that is not the point.

Having fun in what you do makes the level you are at completely unimportant.
Progress may be a little slower compared to children, but the fun you get out of it is what it’s all about, priceless!

And yes, feel free to challenge yourself, it is possible endlessly!

Why Creative Violin, and not some other method?

Motivation problems are everywhere.
If a method does not offer variety, it can quickly become boring and the student drops out.

At Creative Violin you will immediately come across different music styles, such as Classical (of course), but also Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Balkan, World music, Irish, Gypsy …
And, last but not least: you will learn to improvise on the violin, from the very first lesson !!

In addition, there are accompaniments for ALL songs and exercises, even the scales have accompaniments.
These are the Backing Tracks (BTs), not only piano accompaniments, but also orchestras, bands, gypsy orchestras, string quartets …

Variety, lots of variety. Great fun to do.

How does personal guidance work?

This can be done in 3 ways:

1- First of all there are the weekly LIVE classes online.
Depending on your plan you can either participate actively or watch the live lessons from an audience seat.
(You learn a LOT by looking at others!)

2- There is a Creative Violin Facebook group with over 3400 members.
This is intended for the students who can post their progress videos there.
This is where we will give you the feedback you need.
In the beginning I mainly pay attention to the posture (crucial for correct progress!), you will be sure that you are on the right track.

3- The 3rd way (if you want more privacy) is to send an email with your video to video@creativeviolin.com.
If the video is too large, it can also be sent to this address with WeTransfer (wetransfer.com). This service is free.
I will send you an email with your personal feedback.

If you really get stuck, I can invite you to come online 1 on 1.

In any case, you will never be studying alone from now on.

Creative Violin

E-Book 1

(Backing-tracks of all songs and exercises included)