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Learn how to improvise on violin.

“How do they do it, those jazz, blues and pop musicians??”
You have no clue? No experience in improvisation?
Then this is definitely the right place to start!

  • Learn what improvising is all about
  • Play your first improvisation in minutes, and even know what you are doing
  • Have your own Jam-Session with the downloadable Backing-Tracks
  • Learn one step at a time and grow your skills in being free on the violin
  • This is a hands on approach course, theory blends in with the practice
  • Clear explanations of the lessons and interactive video training
  • New theory explained in clear videos and integrated in the next lesson
  • Lessons built up in logic order to achieve best progress in shortest time
  • More than 30 years of experience, all dedicated to you.
  • Many styles of music, offering a broad musical perspective
  • Achieve a creative mindset in the Creative Violin Improvisation method

Play along with the VIDEOS or BACKING TRACKS (play-alongs) of all songs and exercises.
This makes your study much easier, faster and much more fun!

You want to improvise NOW, join any jam-session in town as soon as possible.

Stop waisting your time searching random tutorials all over YouTube.
The improvisation course is built up for YOU, starting from the very beginning, building up to be a great improviser
The lessons are chronologically ordered and easy to follow.

What can you expect from us?

  • 70+ instructional videos and counting.
  • Downloads of all scores and backing-tracks.
  • Clear explanations of all skills, in video and in writing.
  • DUAL camera angles in all lessons, look at BOTH sides of the left hand
  • Play along with your instructor, all exercises included.
  • Accompaniments of all songs and exercises available as download.
  • Slow down or speed up the video to your liking.
  • Loop a section of the video to study a part.
  • Lessons available on all daily used devices.
  • Download the FREE app on IOS and Android, search for Creative Violin.

Get personal review and feedback.
You’re not sure you are doing it right? Let us help you, we are here for you!

Be absolutely sure that you are doing everything right by showing us your progress.
We will review and advise you to optimise your study.
Most online resources won’t offer this option, leaving you totally in the dark.
Creative Violin’s personal feedback will save you from developing bad habits, clearing the path for faster and solid progress.

  • Personal feedback, send or post your video for evaluation.
  • Possibility for Skype/Zoom lessons for the one-on-one approach.
  • Signing up is easy and RISK FREE with our 90 days guarantee
  • End your subscription whenever you want

Start improvising today!

Choose one of the options below and try it a week for free!

If it is not for you, simply unsubscribe within a week and we won’t charge you anything.

Or start a monthly membership for €19,97 per month.

Or start a monthly membership for €32,47 per month.

*Join Weekly Live Classes actively*: You may participate actively in the weekly live classes.
You will get 1-on-1 time with your teacher. (8 active members per class).

*Join Weekly Live Classes as audience*: You may attend the weekly live classes from an audience seat.
You will be surprised how much you learn from watching fellow students.

No classes in the holidays, there will be approximately 40 classes / year

What our students say:

Minodora C.

“I got dizzy searching the internet and YouTube for violin lessons.
When I found Creative Violin I felt I was in heaven!
Creative Violin is a straight forward website where you will find everything about violin lessons.
All the video’s make it feel I have a teacher standing next to me all the time when I study.
I even started improvising in the first lessons!”

 Theresa A.

“Being 63 I have never played an instrument and was uncertain if I could learn the violin.
Xander’s online classes have dispelled my doubts.
His instruction is clear and understandable.
Thank you for not only teaching me the violin but also making the experience enjoyable with your cheerful and encouraging demeanor.”

 Nicholas F.

“Xander’s Creative Violin Improvisation course is the perfect launch pad for violinists wanting to break into improvisatory playing and the wider field of jazz.
Step by step, carefully and clearly, he guides you through the basics of blues playing, swing, manouche and more, providing charts and backing tracks along the way to enable you to develop the requisite skills.
Doesn’t get better!”

 Timo’s mum, Deborah T.

“Xander is a fantastic teacher !
He gets his pupils to improve their playing rapidly, in a fun and motivating way.
His method, Creative Violin, takes us through different musical styles from classical to country music, trying out well-known musicals, and learning how to improvise along the way.
Thanks to the backing tracks, you not only learn to play in rhythm, together with an orchestra, but can even give a concert for your family and friends!
My 7-years old son Timo is a huge fan.
I definitely recommend this site!”

Creative Violin


Private Lessons

Improvisation explained, right from the start

Learn from home, anytime

No improvisation experience? Is this for YOU?

Learn the needed theory in practice

Step by step curriculum

High quality interactive videos

Get answers to your questions

Play-along tracks of every lessons

Weekly Live lessons

Personal / professional reviews and feedback

Learn different styles

Re-watch any lesson

90 days 100% money back guarantee*

Your total investment

€197,- / Year


€1200 - €1500 / Year


We care about you and your satisfaction in our course.
More than anything, we want you to enjoy a super-positive experience on the violin.
That means we only want you to pay if you actually LOVE your Creative Violin experience!
So join below to try it out totally risk-free.
If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership within 90 days* and contact us at support@creativeviolin.com for a full refund*.

* Terms and Conditions

There are many free beginners courses on YouTube, why sign up at Creative Violin?

You should only sign up to Creative Violin if you really want to learn how to play the violin the correct way.
You will get personal guidance, so you will be sure you are doing it right.
Learning from random YouTube videos will never get you to a level further than playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
– Browsing for your own lessons on YouTube will not give you all you need to know to get further, it will also take you much longer to find the right ones, if you will find them at all.
– Creative Violin offers a complete course to reach a moderate advanced level.
– Essential for good progress is personal feedback, YouTube teachers don’t provide that. Creative Violin does. That’s one of the reasons it cannot be free, but really isn’t expensive either. We look over your shoulder so you will never be doing this on your own.
We are here for you!

Will you continue uploads?


The improvisation course is developing, so new lessons will be added frequently.

Besides that we are planning to add masterclasses with different teachers, dive deeper into topics at our students requests and keep adding new exercises.

So you never have nothing to do!

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Your Teacher

Xander Nichting

is music embodied, he is a solo artist, music director, composer, arranger and violinist.
He composes his own music and writes and produces extensively for other artists.

Xander was the first to graduate from the Conservatory in the Netherlands with his six-string electric violin, and has continued to perfect his musical abilities every day.
At a young age, Xander found music by playing with a local gypsy group .
That group helped hone his interest in jazz and pop music, which formed the basis for his violin work and his style of music today.

As a teacher:

Xander is the author of the new violin method Creative Violin, which has been released in April 2017.

Based on his many years in violin education the need for a new method resulted in “Creative Violin”, which guides the student through classical music as well as pop, jazz, country and world music, all styles where the violin has claimed a prominent position.
Even improvisation on violin finds its way to the student, right from the beginning!


Open chat
Let me know if you need any help.