Mini Course | Gypsy Jazz Violin

Learn how to play Gypsy Jazz on violin.
No prior improvisation experience required.
For moderate advanced players (general knowledge of the first position).

✅ Know everything about the “swing” concept and swing-bowing
✅ Know all about chords and chord-progressions, and how to build our improvisations on them
Play your first improvisation in minutes, and even know what you are doing
Play Jam-Sessions at home with the downloadable Backing-Tracks
Bring improvisation to your students, they’ll love it

“This mini course is the perfect launch pad for violinists wanting to break into improvisatory playing and the wider field of jazz. Step by step, carefully and clearly, he guides you through the basics of Gypsy Jazz, providing charts and backing tracks along the way to enable you to develop the requisite skills. Doesn’t get better!”


Nicholas F.