How to play Gypsy Jazz on violin

A proven formula for classical trained violinists to start improvising, step by step

"A violin is not made for improvisation, right?"

"A violin is not like a saxophone or guitar, where improvising is common".

Why  not?

The violin has earned its place in most music styles.
In Gypsy Jazz the violin even has the most important role.

So yes, it is the perfect instrument to improvise on.

"Classical violinists never improvise or...?"

Classical violinists are not known to be improvisers.
Why? Because there hasn't been any method that teaches it.

How would it feel to blend in with jazz musicians and join live jam-sessions?

More and more violinists are exploring these new horizons every day.

How about you?

“Every violinist started with classical music, so did I.

I think every violinist started with classical music, where reading sheet music was the central part of the education.
That was the same for me.

But as a dyslexic, I always had difficulties with sight reading and had to learn to play by heart as much as possible.

When I got introduced to the violin style of Stephane Grappelli, Svend Asmussen and Helmut Zacharias, there was no sheet music, everything was done by ear.

This gave me a LOT of freedom, which eventually lead me to creating an improvisation method for classical trained violinists,  who feel improvisation is “out of the comfort zone”

Would you want to change that just like I did?

Learn in just a few days what I mastered over many years.

This Gypsy Jazz mini-course is the perfect launch pad for violinists wanting to break into improvisatory playing and the wider field of jazz.

I never expected to be improvising so soon!

Nicholas F.

students preceeded you

years of teaching experience

intereactive instructional videos

Can I really do this?

  • You know nothing of improvisation yet?
    Perfect!! Then this is definitely for you!
  • Get comfortable in playing without scores
  • Boost your creative mind
  • Be able to join live jam-sessions with jazz musicians
  • Feel total freedom on your violin
  • Play your first improvisation even today
  • Are you teaching? Give your students a sensational experience.
    Really, they’ll love this!

From read-only to improvising in no time

Let me help you with this

What will you learn?

  • Learn to listen in a different way
  • First learn the “swing” concept
  • Learn the typical swing-bowing
  • Learn to play the Gypsy Jazz style
  • Learn about chords and chord-progressions, how to recognise them and how to build our improvisations on them
  • Play your first improvisation in minutes, and even know what you are doing
  • Have your own Jam-Sessions at home with the downloadable Backing-Tracks
  • A “hands-on” approach, theory which blends in seamlessly with the practice
  • Achieve a creative mindset while you learn to improvise

Play along with the VIDEOS or BACKING TRACKS (play-alongs) makes your study much easier, faster and much more fun!

Practice on all devices.

This mini course is designed to work flawlessly on all devices, smartphone, tablet, desktop.

There is even an app!

So no matter where you are or when you want to follow a lesson, our courses will always be there with you.
Study along with the videos, play along with the backing tracks.

So, YES!! You can do this!

Get out of the comfort zone (for a very short moment)

You will be surprised how quickly improvisation will feel comfortable.

Play together with jazz musicians and know what you are doing

Learn everything about chords, chord progressions, different scales, all in practice: the “hands-on” way.

Feel total freedom on your violin

We close the books, no music stand in front of us, nothing, just your creative mind at work.

Give your students this great experience too

Nothing is more fun than improvising with your students, apply all this knowledge with them too.

“Xander’s enthusiasm is absolutely infectious.”

“This is by far the most engaging online course”

This course is focused, highly motivating and has increased my skill level considerably in a very short time.
The interactions with the teacher in the improvisation exercises gives one a real sense of ownership of the instrument (not to mention the thrill of playing along with another musician right from lesson one!)
This is by far the most engaging online course and is just as immersive as learning with a teacher in person.
Xander’s enthusiasm is absolutely infectious.
Thank you for this fantastic resource.

Ruthy S.

“In a word, he’s thorough”

Mr. Nichting, Creative Violin, is covering a lot of necessary techniques that I haven’t seen in other tutorials or books.
Other instructors seem to just hope we’ll figure out these points by trial and error.
In a word, he’s thorough!

Steven D.

Play in the style of Stephane Grappelli

“Xander gets his pupils to improve their playing rapidly, in a fun and motivating way.
My son loves it.”

Deborah T.

“Thank you for not only teaching me the violin but also making the experience enjoyable with your cheerful and encouraging demeanor.”

Theresa A.

“Not only are the lessons well developed, but he also puts on free seminars to help grasp the basic and more advanced concepts.
Highly recommended!”

Sean H.

Other improvisation courses assume you know much about chords and improvisation already, at Creative Violin we do not want to overwhelm you, we take it step by step, right from the beginning.
We assume you do not have any experience in improvising yet. (Are we right?)

I have built this course to give you the best experience in improvising.
If you feel this is not for you, simply write an email to and ask for a refund.
I will refund you, no questions asked.

Start playing Gypsy Jazz right now

Not happy? We’ll refund.